Monday, October 22, 2007



Putin's visit to Iran made quite a steer in the media.

1) Most of the Israeli newspaper articles cry out that we must not repeat the pre-WW2 mistakes, and prevent WW3 at all cost.

2) Globes had an article saying that the Iranophobia in the Israeli press allows Prime Minister Olmert to continue it's squeeze on the Gazza strip / continue peace talks with Mahmud Abbas / and ofcourse fend off the third investigation against him announced this week. Public opinion is easily shifted when a nuclear threat is on the front page.

3) Aluf Ben - a well known opinion maker - remarks that the Israeli attack on the nuclear facility in Syria went unnoticed by the international community. Israel has not been condemned and there is a reason for that. He suggests that the world signals Israel that it would not mind if Israel would continue doing the dirty job and also bomb Iran's nuclear facilities.

4) Stratfor - an international independent agency - claims that Putin is not helping Iran with their Nuclear Plant as the Iranians may have wanted. Instead, he is taking political and military steps to make a US invasion into Iran - very difficult. This would give Putin, so stratfor claims, more time to prepare for the Eastern Europe military power increase, while the US gets more and more complicated in the middle east.


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