Friday, July 21, 2006



A few minutes ago Haifa was hit by rockets sent from Lebanon territory. The people of Haifa obey the requests of the mayor and the Israeli army to stay indoors, which reduces the number of casualties to a minimum (1 badly injured and 20 lightly injured today). When the alarm sounds the residents have 60 seconds to take shelter. Newer homes that were built in the past 15 years include a windowless concrete wall shelter. Others are requested to stay in the neighborhood shelter or in a windowless room.

Nasrala begs Israel to strike as soon as possible, when the Hezbollah army is still capable of guerilla tactics. However, as long as the number of casualties is low, Olmert can proceed as planned. Currently, Israel is taking the time to soften Hezbollah with air bombings, and send elite troops into Lebanon to prevent rocket launches into Israel. Risking our soldier's life is done since Israel refrains from using inaccurate weapons (such as artillery) on southern Lebanon villages. Olmert has already requested all the residents of southern Lebanon to evacuate, but Hezbollah needs them as human shields from Israeli artillery. When the time is right, Olmert may decide to mobilize the army reserves (tanks) to destroy Hezbollah bunkers and force a Hezbollah retreat to northern Lebanon.

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