Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Olmert is soft with Bint Jbel

Yesterday channel 10 reported that the Israeli ground forces has encircled the village except the road heading north (farther away from Israel) , to allow the civilians a way out. One of the soldiers that participated in the early fights in Bint Jbel yesterday said that it is a ghost town and all of the civilians have already left.

Today, channel 10 reported that the commander of the ground forces asked the air force commander to heavily bomb Bint Jbel before re-entering the village. The air force commander refused and the ground force that re-entered the village stepped into a Hezbollah trap. 8 soldiers were killed, 3 severely injured.

Update 28-June-2006: It seems that the Israeli soldiers entered the city and engaged the terrorists hiding in a certain house. This gave the signal to terrorists in houses around the soldiers to start firing too.

Images on TV show much more artillery shells falling on Bint-Jbel. This still means that it is done only on specific houses and not indiscriminately (to "flatten" the city) as some voices suggests.

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