Sunday, July 30, 2006


Time is up

Startfor issued a report last night, that if cease fire starts today, Hezbollah practically won.

Channel 10 reported that Condoleezza Rice said that the time is up. She was called back to Washington, which means that she might have difference of opinion with George Bush. Unofficial reports from the US say that the White House is very angry. All of their diplomatic efforts have been underminded. This all comes after the terrible images of 55 bodies from Kfar Kanna, following the collapse of their resident building. Olmert ofcourse appologized after this incident.

Time will tell what happened there, but nothing that will be said from this point forward (including all of the following text) will not change the tragedy.

Israeli Air Force did not give much details, and said that more time is needed to analyze the pictures. According to their first analysis the house that collapsed was hit 8 hours before it collapsed.

IAF implied more things (although it was not said explicitly in the briefing) :
1) IAF identified this house as a Hezbollah headquarters, in charge of sending rockets into Israel
2) IAF did not know there were citizens in this house.
3) Hezbollah kept weapons in this house, and it may caused the secondary explosion (8 hours after the attack ?)
4) Why people did not leave the house if there was fire ? Why there were no reports on the collapse right after the IAF air attack ?
5) It took a long while to match the ground photos from the arab media with the photos from the airplanes.

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