Sunday, August 06, 2006


1st UN resolution - The Draft

Yesterday, the French and the US has agreed on a draft for the 1st UN security council resolution. This draft describes the cease fire agreement, the disarming of Hezbollah, but does not cover the deployment of the military force that will replace the Israeli army in southern Lebanon. The French, insisted, not to send any soldier until they have assurances that the fighting is over.

The Lebanese are not satisfied with the draft and will demand to include assurances that their interests will not be forgotten (such as a condition in which the Israeli forces retreat from Lebanon). Saudi Arabia has already called for an Arab conference to backup the Lebanese government proposal. It is very likely that the Lebanese demands will be taken into consideration in the final resolution.

Hezbollah can easily jeopardize this agreement by not disarming. They will use the temporary Israel army in Lebanon as an excuse to "resist the occupation", and practically delay the arrival of the French forces forever. In this scenario, Hezbollah will loose political points in Lebanon. Yes, Hezbollah are ready to fight forever, but it is not for Lebanon's best interest.

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