Friday, August 11, 2006


Does the US trusts Israel's jugment ?

According to the NYTimes Israel has asked for more MRLS rockets. Their deadly effect can be used to destroy Hezbollah rocket launchers. The report suggests that if the US approves the shipment, it will demand from Israel guarantees that it will be used with care (not to hurt uninvolved civilians).

The US knows Israel is under presuure to stop Hezbollah's rocket launchers, and the question is whether US trusts the Israel to use the MLRS rockets only in cases in which civilians will not be harmed.

Update: CNN filmed a burned lebannese that was hurt from a faulty cluster bomb (probably MLRS) when returning to south lebanon. CNN did not confirm the man's claims, but that does not change the effect these pictured had on most viewers. The NYTimes article was probably leaked on purpose, to prevent these kind of news to harm the Bush administration.

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