Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Halutz and the hospital

Reports from Friday claim that Dan Halutz Israel defense Force's chief of staff did not feel well, because of fatigue. Today, 4 days later, Channel 10 reporter hinted that his deputy Moshe Kaplinski is taking more decisions than before. Moshe Kaplinski knows the ground forces better than Dan Halutz, and is very familiar with Lebanon territory.

The defense minister was reported to add Gabi Ashkenzazi a few weeks ago to his advisory staff. Gabi also has personal expirience with Lebanon territory.

Together with the reserve divisions that will be entering Lebanon soon, IDF is expected to drive hezbollah away from the Israeli border.

The US is using delay tactics in the UN, which gives IDF a little more time. However, the main question remains - who will "replace" the Israeli army once it pulls out ofLebanon. Will an internation force be willing to enter "Hezbollah" land ? If these forces will mainly include European soldiers, then I expect Israel will be given even more time, to make their job easier.

update 8-aug-2006: Haluz decided that Moshe Kaplinski will (practically) be replacing the northern ground forces commander (Udi Adam).

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