Saturday, August 19, 2006



The Telegraph published evidence that Syria ,Russia and Iran were involved with supplying weapons for the Hezbollah. One of the last paragraphs quotes Netanyahu:
Benjamin Netanyahu, the Likud Party leader and a rival, said:
"There were many failures - failures on identifying the threat, failures in
preparing to meet the threat, failures in the management of the war, failures in
the management of the home front."
Netanyahu had a leading role as a finance minister in cutting military project budgets (such as the Merkava tank). Israeli newspapers claim that a new tank system that counters the Russian anti-tank missiles has already been developed, but the Israeli government decided not to produce it for the Israeli Defence Force before the US army ordered it ( larger quantities makes each item cheaper to manufacture ).

24-08-2006 update: See a video of this system , and its accomlishments.

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