Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Israeli newspapers claim that the kidnapping of the two fox news journalists was done by the same group that kidnapped the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. The Hammas political leadership has decided to move Gilad from their hands into a different group, but the original kidnappers want him back. So, they kidnapped two US journalists and released them only in exchange for Gilad Shalit (which selebrated his 20th birthday a few days ago).

LBC (a leading Lebanese TV channel) has released a promo showing a few seconds of Ron Arad (the Israeli pilot that is held in captivity for the past 20 years). The video itself is a small part of a pro-Hezbollah TV show which contains a 70 seconds long video of Ron Arad. Ron looks young and it is believed that his video does not contain any new information on his condition or whereabouts today.

The promo has an emotional impact in Israel. Israeli radio and TV talk about the chance to negotiate his release while he was held by Lebanese (terrorists). Today Ron is believed to to be held by Iran and all negotiation paths have failed.

This all comes only three days before the big demonstration in Tel Aviv for the release of the Israeli soldiers Eldad Regev , Ehud Goldwasser (who were kidnapped on July 12th by Hezbollah) and Gilad Shalit (kinapped by the Hammas on June 20th) .

What all this means is that Israel is sticking its ground not to negotiate their release, and that Hezbollah is under pressure to release them (according to the UN resolution they should have already done that).

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